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first post this year


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many thanks, lockdown seems to mean spending more time doing what we do in our free time anyway :D


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Considering the situation I hope you guys and your families are able to keep safe and well.


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My level of boredom has reached critical levels


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Possibly, but I'm not the creative sort, I try to make other peoples ideas work. And the last 2 times, people went "can you not just keep it mostly the same" ;)


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With respect, isn't time you updated this website?


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Bah, installing upgrades may have broken the admin section. Hope nothing else is borked meantime


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merry whatnot :)

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Author Topic: Ian Dury's "Plaistow Patricia ".  (Read 2376 times)

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Ian Dury's "Plaistow Patricia ".
« on: April 13, 2009, 19:38:03 »
Ian Dury - Plaistow Patricia (New boots and panties) With Lyrics!

Arseholes, bastards, fucking cunts and pricks

aerosol, the bricks
a lawless brat from a council flat - oh, oh
a little bit of this and a little bit of that - oh, oh
dirty tricks

from the mile end road
to the match-stick beacontree
pulling strokes and taking liberties
she liked it best when she went up west - oh, oh
you can go to hell with your 'well, well, well' - oh, oh

who said good things always come in threes?
reds and yellows, purples, blues and greens
she turned the corner before she turned fifteen
she got into a mess on the nhs - oh, oh
it runs down your arms and settles in your palms - oh, oh

keep your eyeballs white and keep your needle clean
plaistow patricia, plaistow patricia
plaistow patricia, plaistow patricia

her tits had dropped, her arse was getting spread
she lost some teeth, she nearly lost the thread
she did some smack with a chinese chap - oh, oh, oh
an affair began with charlie chan - oh, oh

well, that was just before she really lost her head
now she owns a showroom down the mile end road
and her outer garments are the latest mode
there's a siamese cat in the council flat - oh, oh
the finest grains for my lady's veins - oh, oh

and when it gets out of order, she goes away for a bit
plaistow patricia, plaistow patricia
plaistow patricia, plaistow patricia
plaistow patricia, plaistow patricia
ohh, go on, girl


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