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Author Topic: Heimdalls ruf (Heimdalls call)  (Read 2012 times)

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Heimdalls ruf (Heimdalls call)
« on: October 07, 2009, 23:11:00 »
by equilibrium,

it's a song about the pagan protection-god in the nordic mythology. (Heimdall, ask wikipedia^^)

it's a half/half (half instrumental, half growling) song, rly just to get an eargasm. (if you got "open ears" and the ability to recognize an epic piece of music, not that shit from nowadays, where someone just hits the keyboard and calls it a chartbreaker. <-- mainstream sucks)

and i found it abit funny, after i got the ship with AFF:PS named heimdall, and me being very into pagan-metal music.

after i'm done with my job-training, after all the learning is done, and when i got some spare place in my brain , i'll get into northern mythology and the Eddar. its all pretty amazing :)

here's the song:
Equilibrium - Heimdalls Ruf Die Prophezeiung
Death metal.
no compromise.


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